Top 10 T1D Holiday Gift Guide


As the holiday season approaches, you may be wondering what to buy the T1D in your life! Look no further! Check out this Top 10 Gift Guide!

All My Diabetes Stuff™ (Black on Pink) Carry-All Pouch

  1. Carry Your Supplies in Fashion

Carrying around all your T1D supplies can be a pain enough, but making it look fashionable can be a whole other issue. Look no further than the Myabetic bags! They vary in size, purpose, color, and more—just take the quiz on their website to see which bag makes the most sense for your devices and needs!

Society 6 also makes some hilarious T1D carrying pouches. They come in three different sizes and have hilarious sayings like, “Test Strip Graveyard”, “All My Diabetes Stuff”, and “Diabetes Sucks But My Bag Is Cute”.


Confidence & Fun with Pump Peelz CGM Medical Tape CGM Stickers - Akron Ohio Moms

  1. Wearable Patches

Make your wearable gadgets cool again! Pumppeelz has patches to keep your devices in place, as well as stickers for the devices themselves. They have a design for everyone, and if you don’t find one you like, you can even create your own! When you sign up with your email, you’ll get 10% off your first order!


  1. Apple Watch Bands

Not a fan of jewelry? If your T1D wears an Apple Watch, these T1D identifying accessories will keep them safe, no matter what!

T1D Watch Band

T1D Band Sleeve


  1. Funny T1D Themed T-shirts

Show off what T1D means to you through these hilarious t-shirts!

Proud Owner of a Useless Pancreas

Not a Fan of Pricks


Light purple silicone beaded bracelet.

  1. Live Lokai

Support T1D research through Lokai! This popular bracelet company is known for it’s beaded bracelets filled with mud from the Dead Sea and water from Mount Everest, the lowest and highest points on Earth. When you purchase this diabetes Lokai, $1 of every sale will go right back to Breakthrough T1D!


Pancreas Plush - Sweet on You - Plush Organ Stuffed Toy Pillow | I Heart Guts

  1. iHeart Guts

Show you pancreas some love by giving it a squeeze! Okay, not literally, but this plush pancreas will be your new favorite snuggle buddy. This healthy huggable human organ will make your T1D smile in tough times.


  1. Funny T1D Mugs

All we need in this life is coffee and insulin!

Seriously, who doesn’t love a mug with a sassy and funny message? Check out all these amazing T1D-themed mugs from Etsy. Shop small business!


Brewed2Burn | Beer-Inspired, Hand-Poured, All Natural Candles

  1. Brewed 2 Burn Candles

Located right in Pittsburgh, Brewed 2 Burn gives a portion of all proceeds to the local Breakthrough T1D Western and Central Pennsylvania Chapter! From their signature collection to seasonal favorites, shop now!


  1. Wine About It

Shop these amazing organizations that give back with each purchase.

At One Hope, buy your favorite wines and get a portion donated back to your charity of choice—Breakthrough T1D included!

Additionally, launched November 2015 during National Diabetes Awareness Month, Delaney Blue Sauvignon Blanc was created for the purpose of raising funds for life-changing research. Each wine purchase donates a portion of sales to research!


Shop the Breakthrough T1D Store - Breakthrough T1D

  1. Breakthrough T1D Store

Lastly, check out our very own Breakthrough T1D Store! We have a little bit of everything to support our mission- to cure, prevent, and better treat T1D and its complications. From clothing, to hats, to our new facemasks and way more, check out!