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Breakthroughs aren’t just new therapies coming to market or exciting new advances—they’re also personal. They happen when a person or child with T1D—and their caregivers—sleep through the night without high or low glucose alarms. Or when a parent watches their child manage their T1D independently for the first time. And breakthroughs happen when members of the T1D community connect at our events—from online summits and local coffee meetups to Walks and Rides—and find an engaged, supportive movement of people who are impacted by T1D just like they are.

Care Packs and Rufus the Bear with Diabetes

A T1D diagnosis can be overwhelming and scary. Breakthrough T1D empowers you to take on the challenges of T1D and live healthier and happier.

Breakthrough T1D Care Packs offer information and support to newly diagnosed T1D patients as they navigate the transition to life with T1D.

Rufus the Bear with Diabetes has provided comfort and companionship to children with T1D for over 25 years, showing them they are not alone while learning to take insulin and check their blood sugar.

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Young boy with Rufus the Bear with Diabetes

“When my son was diagnosed, it was a very difficult time. We received your Bag of Hope, and Rufus helped my son understand his situation a little better. It’s easier for him to receive his insulin shots and have his fingers ‘poked’ knowing Rufus also has to manage his T1D.”

Nilsa Royer, mom to Yeremiah

Resources for all ages and stages

Breakthrough T1D meets you where you are on your T1D journey. Our online resource library offers support at your fingertips, including guides on pregnancy, mental health, school, and more. Live and on-demand community summits feature healthcare professionals and members of the T1D community sharing their expertise. We’re here for you, 24-7.

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“Finding a community of people who share this challenge is a source of hope. You know you are not alone in refusing to relinquish your hopes and dreams to its sometimes-savage impact on the quality of any given day. Hope is real because so many people are working together to achieve real progress.”

Thom Solo, Fashion Designer, Creative Director of Thom Solo 

Community fundraising

For many families, the Breakthrough T1D Walk is the entry point into the T1D community. Our fundraising events—from Walk to Ride, to Play and beyond—honor and support everyone living with T1D and celebrate our community’s strength and spirit. Participants power our movement to improve and change life with T1D, helping advance research breakthroughs and getting us closer to cures.

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“Breakthrough T1D has meant hope to my family and me for the past 30 years. I am always overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from our family and friends who show up and walk with us or donate to our Walk team. It gives me the momentum to keep going.”

Emily King, pediatric endocrinologist and Walk participant, diagnosed with T1D at age 8, and mom to Griffin, diagnosed with T1D at age 1

We are Breakthrough T1D

Breakthrough T1D is knocking on the door of something big. Giant leaps are happening nearly every day. You have gotten us to where we are today—and you can help us get to the finish line faster. So that you, your loved ones, and people everywhere can enjoy a world free from the burden of T1D. A world where people don’t have to manage their diabetes—don’t take insulin, don’t have blood sugar highs and lows, and don’t develop complications. With your ongoing support, we won’t stop until this condition is a thing of the past.  

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