JDRF is now Breakthrough T1D!

As the leading global type 1 diabetes (T1D) research and advocacy organization, we’re here to make every day life with T1D better, and we won’t stop until the condition is a thing of the past. That means powering research to cure, prevent, and better treat T1D and its complications—and ensuring that the entire T1D community has access to the tools they need to thrive. 

After an exhaustive process, we discovered that we needed a name that reflected who we are—and where we’re going.  

After an exhaustive data-gathering process we learned a few things.  

  • Our brand should represent the life-changing work we do every day. We champion breakthroughs for every age and stage of T1D, and you make it possible. 
  • Our new brand should align with our mission to accelerate life changing breakthroughs so that millions of people around the world with T1D can live fuller, healthier lives.
  • We have seen amazing breakthroughs—and our name must reflect the reality that we are on the cusp of breakthroughs that could allow our community to walk away from this disease forever.  

It was time to carry the momentum created by more than 50 years of research, advocacy, and community into a brand that reflected who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going. 

We are Breakthrough T1D.

“Our name and look have changed, but our mission has not! Breakthrough T1D has played a pivotal role in nearly every major T1D breakthrough in history—and our work has ensured people have access to these advances. We are executing an ambitious plan to drive cures, and our job won’t be done until everyone can take their diabetes devices off for good.”

Aaron J. Kowalski, Ph.D.
Breakthrough T1D CEO

Powering research breakthroughs 

Over the past 50+ years, we have invested billions in T1D research and brought in billions more through our strategic partnerships. Like our mission, our core research strategy has not changed. Our research team, led by a group of volunteers, all of whom have a direct connection to T1D, will continue to pursue cures through cell therapies land disease-modifying therapies. They will aim to improve the lives of those affected by T1D by developing drugs, devices, and interventions so that the T1D community is healthy enough to take advantage of cures when they arrive.

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Advocacy and access

Advocacy is critical to Breakthrough T1D’s ability to lead the way to improving lives today while working toward making this disease a thing of the past. With the support of our incredible grassroots advocates, our work helps advance treatments, influence policy, and improve access to care for those all over the world who need it.  

What does this look like? 

It looks like continually working for the renewal of the Special Diabetes Program, which has contributed over $3.4 billion to T1D research since its inception over 20 years ago; a streamlined regulatory process that expedited the approval of automated insulin delivery systems by years, and hundreds of thousands of advocates using their voices to champion causes critical to theT1D community—such as affordable insulin—with their Members of Congress.

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Lynn Starr headshot

“Breakthrough T1D advocates on behalf of the entire T1D community. With the help of our incredible grassroots advocates, we make sure key government agencies and Members of Congress know who we are, what we’re advocating for, and how they can help make T1D a thing of the past. Our advocates have helped make so many breakthroughs possible—and we’ll continue to support this community until cures are a reality.“

Lynn Starr
Breakthrough T1D Chief Global Advocacy Officer

Our community  

Breakthroughs aren’t just new therapies coming to market or exciting new advances—they’re also personal. They happen when advanced T1D management technologies help someone improve their time-in-range. Or when a parent secures a 504 plan for their child. And Breakthroughs happen when T1D families and individuals come to our events—from community summits to local parent coffees, or Walks and Rides—and find an engaged, supportive community of people who just like them are impacted by T1D. 

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“Everything we do is powered by you—our community. No matter where you are on your journey, we have information, resources, tools, and community connections to help you take on the challenges of T1D and live healthier and happier.”

Kristin Jahnke
Breakthrough T1D AVP, Community Engagement

We are Breakthrough T1D 

Breakthrough T1D is knocking on the door of something big. Giant leaps are happening nearly every day. You have gotten us to where we are today—and you can help us get to the finish line faster. So that you, your loved ones, and people everywhere can enjoy a world free from the burden of T1D. A world where people don’t have to manage their diabetes—don’t take insulin, don’t have blood sugar highs and lows, and don’t develop complications. With your ongoing support, we won’t stop until this condition is a thing of the past.  

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