Breakthrough T1D advocacy is critical to advancing breakthroughs for the entire T1D community. With the support of our grassroots advocates, our work helps advance treatments, influence policy, and improve access to care for those worldwide who need it.

Special Diabetes Program

The Special Diabetes Program (SDP) is a critical government program that provides $150 million annually to the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) exclusively for T1D research. The SDP complements Breakthrough T1D’s research funding and efforts.

To date, the SDP has dedicated nearly $3.4 billion to research. It has delivered real breakthroughs to our T1D community, including artificial pancreas systems, the first therapy to delay T1D onset, and more.

Renewing the SDP is Breakthrough T1D’s #1 advocacy priority. 

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Insulin affordability

Everyone living with T1D must have access to affordable insulin, which they need to take multiple times a day to survive. No one should suffer or die because they cannot afford insulin.

Breakthrough T1D is committed to making insulin more affordable for everyone, without stifling innovation. This goal requires effort and cooperation from all stakeholders. Government officials, insurers, employers, and others must all do their part, and we will continue to do ours: working with all of them to lower the cost of insulin.

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“Our out-of-pocket cost for insulin and diabetes supplies was significant and often forced us to make difficult choices regularly. T1D advocacy has given us a voice to tell our stories directly to our elected officials and make an impact and meaningful change for our community.”

Samantha Merwin
Breakthrough T1D Advocate and parent of Saige

Global access

T1D is a global problem, and Breakthrough T1D is the leading international T1D research and advocacy organization.

Our work makes the global scope and impact of T1D more apparent. Spearheading projects like the T1D Index to capture worldwide T1D data and Early Detection to advance general population screening helps us shed light on the condition and connect the global community.

Improved global access to T1D therapies and care will accelerate our mission progress. By attracting new ideas and supporters, the power of Breakthrough T1D’s research, advocacy, education, and outreach extends even further and will ultimately save lives.

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“As a member of the T1D community, I have seen first-hand the profound human, emotional, and financial burden it has on those who live with it. We have the potential to change the trajectory of T1D and improve the lives of millions of people.”

Aaron J. Kowalski, Ph.D.
Breakthrough T1D CEO

We are Breakthrough T1D

Breakthrough T1D is knocking on the door of something big. Giant leaps are happening nearly every day. You have gotten us to where we are today—and you can help us get to the finish line faster. So that you, your loved ones, and people everywhere can enjoy a world free from the burden of T1D. A world where people don’t have to manage their diabetes—don’t take insulin, don’t have blood sugar highs and lows, and don’t develop complications. With your ongoing support, we won’t stop until this condition is a thing of the past. 

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